Vasilis Bottas

Half a century in Art

painter Vasilis Bottas' official website

Vasilis Bottas Official Website

In the following pages, you will navigate in Vasilis Bottas’ long journey in Painting, his main achievements and various contributions in Art, the characteristics and the mentality of his artistic personality, his general expression and style, the main exhibitions that he participated, the reputation that accompanies him and most of all his remarkable in terms of quality and quantity artwork.

By exploring Vasilis Bottas’ webpage, you can find his portfolio, divided in thematic categories, you will admire his outstanding performance in the use of colour, depth and detail and his rich creativity with subjects from accurate depiction to abstract and symbolism. Last but not least, the visitor has the chance to communicate with the artist and find the necessary information on how to reach him via the webpage “Contact”.

Vasilis' artistic  talent combines the natural landscapes with his rich inner world. With a unique, personal way, he takes us to the mountain, to the sea, to the river and the lake, to the village and generally where the colours of the Greek nature are intense.
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"The human figures in the works of Vasilis Bottas, find their unity in the atmosphere that penetrate through the colours, incredibly rich in variations and tints (...) Though in his atmospheric paintings, no sun exists, he deftly brings the promising light through the darkness"
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"To Vima"