Among the few Sotheby’s Greek painters

Vasilis Bottas communicates Αrt with various ways. Due to his multi-faceted artistic personality, his prolific work and his great experience and talent, he enjoys a wide-spread recognition, achieving even to become one of the few Sotheby’s Greek painters, auctioning some of his paintings in 30/3/2003. Vasilis Bottas is a multi – awarded painter, with a recognition that reached the Greek Parliament, the European Commission, even the far distant Australia.

A humble man of Art

Although Vasilis Bottas never searched for publicity, he has gained recognition mostly as a great seascape painter. His only network is his beloved disciples, who always call him “master” and with whom they share mutual appreciation and the random art lovers who learn about him or happen to know him from his exhibitions. Despite his success as a Sotheby’s Greek painter his pride in his works, Vasilis remains a humble man of Art, staying focused only on production and avoiding every type of boosters.

Thus, whatever fame accompanies him comes from his artworks and not from publicity. Vasilis Bottas’ occupation with two parallel to Paintings activities, Caricatures and Writing, are met with great interest, respect and admiration, receiving relevant awards as well.

Vasilis masterpiece “The Smyrna Catastrophe”, a painting inspired by his family adventure who experienced the dramatic events, found its new house in Mr Zamboglou foundation in Cyprus, to symbolize the same fate that wounded the founder’s ancestors.
Ancestry – Demetrios Zamboglou PhD

In view of the team exhibition : “Painting Exhibition and Byzantine Iconography for the 200 years of Greek Revolution”, the e-newspaper “Polis” dedicated a page to the painter: Vasilis Bottas – Polis Magazino

In the links below you will find an example of the recognition that Vasilis enjoys from his former disciples, Ms Kariaka and Ms Barjoka:
“Ms Kariaka about Vasilis” – Polis Magazino (in Greek)
Art Frame 01.09 – Chrysa Barjoka – 24plus1 – Film | Video | Workshops ( (in Greek and French)



“The Art, I would say the artistic style of Mr. Bottas is outstanding. It gives the same, absolutely personal touch in every oil painting of the exhibition, despite the variety of the works….”



“The traditional way of his expression, the classic topics and the nostalgy on them, reflect his effort to retain a romantic climate of an era, when the image was direct and communicative. The artist anticipates the sensitivity of the viewer, inviting him to travel to a known and familiar world that he successfully recreates…”

Newspaper "MAKEDONIA"

“Mr. Bottas represents the orthodox painting, with lush colours, without any influence from the modernistic tendencies (…) Vasilis’ artistic talent combines the natural landscapes with his rich inner world. With a unique, personal way, he takes us to the mountain, to the sea, to the river and the lake, to the village and generally where the colours of the Greek nature are intense. He did not search for new forms, which are in fashion and he excites us with his incredible colour lyricism in his works which, we can say they endure forever…”


“Mr. Bottas is characterized as a remarkable landscaper (…) in a manner distinctively idiosyncratic and sensual…”




“Mr. Bottas is a romantic naturalist. Τhe colour unity and his plastic and design abilities provide him the potential to approach Nature and attribute its ambience descriptively…”


“The lyrical spirituality of his works absorbs the viewer to a reverie that reveals the roots of man and nature”


“In a state of cosiness and care, I received valuable knowledge, offered generously and without hesitation by Mr Bottas, my teacher. He helped me to see what is essential, to realize that what we are actually doing is to paint our feelings. To blow life into colours and life on the lines, to liberate our soul “


“Mainly a landscape artist, he has a genuine communication with nature, beyond theoretical planning, his landscape is infiltrated with a sweet atmosphere (…) with attractive trees and glittering water surfaces”


“Vasilis Bottas is one of the few artists with traditional style and a solid unity throughout the composition of each work. Part of the painter’s work is inspired by the lost homelands and the uprooting of Pontiac Hellenism, attributed with intense lyricism and reminiscence”


“Vasilis Bottas’ exhibition is particularly interesting as the art-loving public has the opportunity to see and admire a wonderful work by a mystic of the colour. A work interspersed with thematic richness and a variety of means and modes of expression”


“The paintings of Mr. Bottas are sea artworks with old fashion boats, religious themes with deep earthy colors of ethereal celestial tints and various stages of art history, from Classicism to Impressionism”


“The human figures in the works of Vasilis Bottas, find their unity in the atmosphere that penetrate through the colours, incredibly reach in variations and tints…”

MAGAZINE "Literary Review"

“Mr. Vasilis Bottas is a quiet and humble worker of art”


Acknowledgments from the Greek Community of Edmonton, Canada, for teaching Painting to children of Greek expatriates in Edmonton
Recognition 1 placeholder
Greek Community of Edmonton,Canada
Honour with Complements for its contribution to Art and Culture
Recognition 1 placeholder
Union of Writers of Northern Greece
Honorary Diploma from the Thessaloniki Aeroclub for his work in the Panhellenic Painting Competition on "Airplane"
Recognition 1 placeholder
Thessaloniki Aeroclub
Diploma from the Greek Navy, for his contribution to the Naval Week
Recognition 1 placeholder
Greek Navy
Honorary Diploma from the Association of Professional Painters of Thessaloniki and Northern Greece for his long-term contribution to Painting, Letters and more generally to Art and Culture of the city of Thessaloniki
Recognition 1 placeholder
Professional Painters of Thessaloniki and Northern Greece
Honorary Award from the Non-Profit Government Organization "Greece on track"
Recognition 1 placeholder
N.G.O Greece on Track
Acknowledgments from the Greek Community of Queensland, Australia, Holy Archdiocese of Australia for the display of the project “The Destruction of Smyrna” in the context of its activities
Recognition 1 placeholder
Greek Community of Queensland, Australia
Honorary Award from the International Academy of Letters and Arts "Goddess Athena" and the International Society of Greek Writers and Academicians
Recognition 1 placeholder
Intern. Academy of Letters & Arts "Goddess Athena"
Acknowledgments from the Greek Parliament for the donation of a Naval War painting in the War Museum of Thessaloniki
Recognition 1 placeholder
Greek Parliament
Honorary Commendation from the Panhellenic Society of Word and Art for the participation in the 4th International Art Exhibition, "Alexander-Greek Culture"
Recognition 1 placeholder
Panhellenic Society of Word and Art

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