Contribution to Art

A famous Painter of Thessaloniki

Vasilis Bottas offered to his beloved Art, with unique passion. Apart from his huge collection of paintings, of many different themes and styles, Vasilis became a famous painter of Thessaloniki as he taught basic courses of Painting in high school and advanced painting techniques in clubs, while he accomplished many individual exhibitions in the various artistic halls of the city. He is also the illustrator of educational books for young pupils in elementary school, guiding them to their first steps in the world of Art. Vasilis donated paintings in museums, hospitals, schools and charitable institutions, disseminating the Art and contributing to the cultural life of his city. His belief is that a painting lives forever and its value is priceless and this gifted him with an exceptional creative energy. His interest in Art, goes beyond Painting as he has created a collection of Caricatures, in which with satiric spirit, he describes with humour the difficult life to be a painter and poet, an Art that he admires a lot. Equally sarcastic is his prose, mainly influenced by the social, political and economic but also artistic life of his city and country.

Teaching Art in schools and artistic institutions

Vasilis Botas taught Art courses in primary schools, in the Αssociation of Painters of Thessaloniki and Northern Greece, in Young Men’s Christian Association of Thessaloniki and other local artist clubs. For many consecutive years, young pupils and promising artists were learning the secrets of Art. Today, for the majority of them, Vasilis is their Master. Even now, in his late years, even though he is recognized and a famous painter of Thessaloniki, he remains equally eager to support young Art students in his workshop, an inspiring Master of Painting.

Developing the artistic spirit in young generation

Writing is another occupation of Vasilis. He is the illustrator of seven books, six of which entitled “Αesthetics Education” for the six classes of the primary school and one entitled “Teaching of first writing and numbering” for the nursery school. With clever exercises and quizzes, a young child learns and at the same time enjoys his/her first steps in Art. Ιn this way, Vasilis proves his belief that Art is a fundamental pillar in our education even from the early years of our life.

Disseminating Art through educational and cultural channels

Vasilis Bottas believes in the educational role of the Art: Art should be spread in all aspects of life; people should see it, learn about it, admire it and love it. Thus, he never hesitated to donate paintings, if possible relevant to the nature and character of each institution, becoming a famous painter of Thessaloniki.

Exceptional works, some of them of huge dimensions decorate rooms in the War Museum of Thessaloniki (“Destroyers Spetses and Psara”), in the Aristotelio College (“Aristoteles and Alexander”), AHEPA Hospital (“Jesus cures the sick”), Vafopouleio Cultural Center (“Landscape”), in the premises of the Αssociation of Painters of Thessaloniki and Northern Greece (“Troy”), in Kavala Association of Thessaloniki (“Old Kavala”) and many others. Ιn the photos, you can see his donation in the Aristotle College and in War Museum.

Teaching Art in Schools | Vasilis Bottas
A famous Painter of Thessaloniki | Vasilis Bottas

Expressing Art in a different way

Have you ever though how our world could be without painting and poetry? A painter and a poet, the two characters in Vasilis Bottas’ world of Caricatures represent two misunderstood arts : no matter their efforts to diffuse culture and knowledge, their values and their importance cannot find their place in modern societies with their fake messages.

With sarcasm, Vasilis describes the adventures of his two heroes, who, though humble and poor remain loyal to their arts. In this way, Vasilis passes his message: many professionals prosper thanks to art, from colour and wood companies to galleries, all of them at the expense of the artists, the majority of whose are obliged to sale-off. Two exhibitions of Caricatures took place and one more is one the way.

Vasilis Bottas does not limit his need for expression. Ardent writer, he wrote several small sarcastic stories in the same vain: he shows us his worries about the current status of Art in our life, he stands for artists and their efforts to gain what they deserve. His style is direct, strict, he makes no bones : no talented people are called “artists” thanks to publishing and promotion, “nouveau riches” pretends to know Art, politicians give fake promises for boosting Art and supporting artists. Vasilis’ texts have been published to newspapers.

Expressing Art in a different way
Expressing Art in different 2