The impressive artworks of a Greek painter

Few painters have produced hundreds of paintings and in such quality, variety of styles, materials and themes. In this page, you can admire the impressive artworks of a Greek painter of today, Vasilis Bottas: part of his rich collection is presented to the visitors divided in eleven categories. The naturalistic creations with seascapes and landscapes constitute the core of Vasilis’ interest, however he has also passionately dealt with modern and abstract painting and compositions with complex faces and of creatures.

Vasilis Bottas created remarkable paintings that depict events and stories that we all know from mythology, History and the New Testament. As a result of his interest in sea and history, Vasilis illustrated 18 amazing naval battles of the Greek Revolution and 1940. He is also a fantastic portrait painting artist. Other topics that we can see in Vasilis’ canvasses are mostly flowers and plants, nude paintings, animals and depiction of human emotions.

There are two ways with which visitors can have a look at Vasilis’ portfolio:

  1. You can click on the black box of the category you are interested. Then click on the only painting that will appear and then you will come across with the whole portfolio of the category will appear. Or
  2. You can click directly on one of the paintings below that represent a category and then you will come across with the whole portfolio of the category.

Clicking on your preferred artwork and you will have it in an interface where you can zoom on it as well or move to the next/previous using the arrows. If you want to comment on any of the paintings, you are more than welcome to do so by completing the form in the “Contact” page.