50 years multistyle painting in Greece

Vasilis Bottas is one of the most important representatives of multistyle painting in Greece. He performed more than 40 individual and group exhibitions during the whole period of his artistic career. He created dozens of Nature Morte paintings, especially of flowers, a study on which he undertook at his early artistic stages. Soon after he turned to Seascapes and Landscapes subjects, running exhibitions with paintings that represent the main volume of his huge collection of artworks, presenting his talent on the use of colours and tints and his mastery on perspectives and depth of field.

At his peak of his creativity, Vasilis Bottas saw a Renaissance influence turn, creating colossal works on Mythological, Religious and Historic subjects, three circles of artistic creation on which he was literally devoted, working with passion and conducting many individual exhibitions. These works bristle with harmony, lyricism and beauty. Tireless and full of energy he combined his two main passions: sea and history, creating more than fifteen Naval Battle paintings in large scale, paintings that are currently exhibited in the War Museum of Thessaloniki. Here, the realism and the exquisite use of colours and details, transfer the viewers exactly in the centre of the action.

In the second half of his artistic life, Vasilis Bottas added a new point of view in his art, exhibiting Modern and Abstract subjects, this time without perspective, severe lines and focus on details, inviting the viewers to discover hidden Faces and symbolisms. His inspiration from the Greek history is clear once more. He also enrichened his means and techniques, passing from oil to acrylics, sometimes even plaster, golden leaf and even collage. All these creations in all these years, constitute a rare example of multistyle Painting in Greece. Vasilis conducted exhibitions abroad, enjoying a high level of widespread recognition, two exhibitions of Iconographies and three of Caricatures as well, proving his rare, multifaceted artistic talent.

Multistyle Painting in Greece

Vasilis presented Art through exhibitions, contributing to the local cultural life. His biggest exhibitions in chronological order are presented below (more info in Greek is provided to some of them)

In 2003 he was honoured by Sotheby's as the famous broker auctioned 10 of his paintings.